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Tuesday: 7.00am–midday
Friday: 8.00am–midday

Contact information
Churton Park Physiotherapy
Churton Park Village, 103C Westchester Drive
Churton Park, Wellington 6037
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Phone: (04) 478-7010
Email: cpphysio@kpc.co.nz
Website: www.churtonparkphysio.co.nz  
Nearer to Khandallah? Try our partner practice Khandallah Physiotherapy.

Accident and Medical Clinic, Wellington Hospital, phone (04) 385-5999 or phone 111 for an ambulance.

Pilates / Fitness

COVID-19 update: Please refer to the homepage for the latest information on our Pilates and fitness classes.

Churton Park Physiotheraphy runs Pilates Core Stability classes, twice weekly, in the new Churton Park Community Centre. You can also access a range of classes through Khandallah Physiotherapy Centre, which offers both classes and individual fitness training.


Pilates Core Stability
  Khandallah Churton Park
Tuesday 0930-1030         —
Wednesday         —         —
Thursday 0930-1030 0930-1030
Friday 0930-1030         —
Senior Balance and Strengthening
Monday 1130-1215  
Thursday 1130-1215  
Hip and Knee



  • Pilates Core Stability — a controlled, effective exercise class based on the principles of Pilates and core stability.
  • Senior Balance and Strengthening — an exercise class designed for seniors which is focused on general strengthening and the prevention of falls.
  • Hip and Knee — a rehabilitation and exercise class for people who have had joint replacements or who suffer from osteoarthritis.

Classes are a cost-effective means for you to access professional support to improve your fitness, strength, balance and well-being.

To book: Contact Churton Park Physiotherapy or Khandallah Physiotherapy to confirm class time, venue and to make your 20-minute free consultation appointment prior to your first class.

Casual and subscription pricing options: 20 classes for $250 ($12.50 per class), 10 classes for $150 ($15 per class); $20 for casual.

Individual fitness training

A programme can be designed specifically for you or for a small group of up to four. Half-hour sessions are available for 1-2 persons, and one hour sessions for groups of up to four. Clients can decide on their frequency of sessions and a home programme can be developed if required.

Remember — you don’t have to do this alone. One-on-one sessions are available or you can come in with up to three friends — split the cost and exercise together.

Khandallah Physiotherapy Centre Pilates class

Khandallah Physiotherapy Centre Hip and Knee rehabilitation

Pilates reformer bed